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Can I automate my sales reporting on Ezora without file uploads?

Yes. There are already out of the box interfaces in place with for example Lightspeed, Revel, Eijsink Winsale, Extendas and many more. For a complete up-to-date check out this webpage

Can I combine information from my sales, labour and financial systems on Ezora reports?

Yes. Ezora has been designed to read source data from different places and bring this information together in reports and (email) alerts. There are already several interfaces in place with the most common systems and we are always happy to add more.  There is also the option to import data manually.

Is there a limit to the amount of information I can bring in?

No.  The Ezora infrastructure has been build to be fully scalable and is capable of dealing with heavy data imports of millions of transaction lines each day. Our pricing structure is based on a fixed fee per month per reporting entitiy. Depending on the number and type of data connections you use, this fee will be higher and lower. All data management is included in this fee.

Can Ezora do Cashflow Forecasting?

No.  Ezora is not a cashflow forecast system. It is however possible to import the expected forecast figures from Excel into Ezora so you can compare your actual cash movements with the forecasted numbers.

Can Ezora help me scale my retail business?

Yes.  Ezora is ideally suited to retail organisations that have ambituous growth plans. It is relatively easy to manage 1 or 2 stores, but when you have to manage more than 2 it does become a different type of ‘ball game’.  Ezora helps organisations that have proven that they can be profitable with a 1 or 2 stores and that are now looking to expand their business by providing  relevant up-to-date summarised information which tells them how each store is performing.

Can I compare my results to last year and budget?

Yes.  Ezora compares your actual performance with the last year(s), budget, forecast performance and can also provide comparison to benchmarks.

Can I drilldown in reports to see the invoices behind costs?

Yes.  If you use a processing tool to process your purchase invoices such as Basecone or Receiptbank, then Ezora will be able to retrieve and present the scanned document linked to the relevant accounting transaction.  This means that you can look at a P&L report and can drill through an expense line all the way through to the underlying image, without ever leaving the Ezora report.

Can I print reports?

Yes.  Financial statements and dashboards can be printed to pdf or directly to the printer. Operational table reports also have the facility to be exported to Excel.

Can I produce a management pack on Ezora?

No.  There is at the moment no facility in place to produce a management pack that consists of a selection of different reports.

Can I run weekly reports on Ezora?

Yes.  All source data is stored at it’s lowest frequency (e.g. time, daypart, day, week, month, financial period). This means that reports can be grouped on a day-part, day or week level, depending on the purpose of the report.

Can I share reports with my bank?

Yes.  Within Ezora you can setup multiple user roles that have restricted access. This means that you can provide external parties with online access to a particular restricted view to your information. Furthermore the integrated proces management module allows you give conditional access to this information. With Ezora you have the control to only make the right data available when it is complete and validated.

Can Ezora produce my financial reports?

Yes.  Ezora comes out of the box with a complete set of management reports, that can be tailored to your organisation’s needs if required.

Can Ezora report on Cost Centre /Profit Centre / Project level?

It is quite common that multiple stores / cafe’s are accounted for in the same Limited Company. Those individual locations are then setup as separate cost centres. Ezora has the capability to retrieve data on a cost centre / profit centre and then store this data in a separate reporting entity. This means that it will be very easy to give users only access to that particular location. It also allows to perform comparisons across different locations quite easily as well.

I want to add my own set of data to the reports. How would I do that?

The Ezora data importer makes it possible to quickly import your own data into Ezora and enrich the financial / POS data that is already stored. Think for example about specific marketing data that you would like to correlate to the actual sales data.

I want to combine our workforce info with the financial data, how would that work?

Typically your workforce data will be stored in a different frequency (hourly, daily) than your financial data (monthly, financial period). Ezora has a calendar mapping function which matches days to the relevant financial period. This calendar mapping is then the basis to group the data from your workforce and financial system in the same relevant periods.

I would like to compare my actual financial data to different budget versions, is this possible?

Ezora provides a budget importer which allows you to import budget data by account code and every additional dimension (e.g. cost centre, profit centre, project, product etc.). If you work on the basis of a fixed yearly budget and multple re-forecast versions then you can import these different versions quite easily by changing the budget code. When running a report you can then chose which version of the budget / forecast you wish to compare to.

Is there a price per report?

No. The Ezora pricing is based on a fixed monthly fee per reporting entity. Depending on the number and type of data interfaces the monthly price is lower or higher. The report set related to a particular interface is included in the price. If the standard set is not sufficient, there is the option to develop custom reports. A consultancy fee will be applied to custom work.

What type of reports does Ezora give me?

To achive complete insight in your business you want to have access in financial reports (profit and loss, cashflow statement, balance sheet) but you want to combine these basic KPI’s with a set of operational parameters that are relevant to your business (hours, product sales, purchase data, customer data etc.) Each system that you use in your business, no doubt will give you a wealth of information in relation to the area that this business system was designed for. But it is not always easy to get a summarised picture that combines all those individual systems. Ezora has been designed to do exactly that!

Can Ezora automatically create reports from my accounting system?

Yes.  Ezora can automatically pull the financial data from a number of online accounting systems. For a complete list of all supported accounting systems check this webpage. If your accounting system is not supported there is an option to upload your trial balance manually.

Can Ezora help me shorten my month end cycle?

Yes!  In addition to having a reporting engine, Ezora also has a powerful accounting posting engine which can generate the accounting postings that required to account for transactions in your business systems and push them into your accounting system. These automated tasks are performed as soon as the data is made available and can be run every hour if needed. By automating bookkeeping tasks and automatically generating the financial and management reports, Ezora can dramatically reduce the time required to complete the month end cycle.

Can Ezora help with cash management?

Yes. Ezora is particularly useful for retailers in managing cash where the volume of transactions and the risk of error and fraud necessitate a daily or weekly cash reconciliation process.Not an easy task if you have to manage this process across different stores. Our clients with multiple stores are particularly enthusiastic with how we enable them to keep a tight grip on their cash.

Does Ezora provide a consolidation function?

Yes.  Ezora can consolidate the financial positions of multiple companies across a complex ownership structure.  The full suite of Ezora analytics tools are then available against the consolidated results.  We advise our customers to use adjustment companies for any adjustment journals that are required.

If I add new accounting codes in my bookkeeping system, will Ezora pick these up?

If new accounting codes are added in the accounting system, the super user will be alerted that these codes will need to be added to the reporting structure. Depending on the accounting system, the reporting structure is managed directly within Ezora or in derived from the accounting system automatically.

My POS system does not feed the transactions into my bookkeeping system, can Ezora help?

Yes. Ezora has an accounting posting engine which can automatically generate the required accounting postings to account for your POS data and push them into your accounting system. POS transactions and Cash movements from your POS system are picked up and ‘translated’ into accounting journals using an intelligent mapping. This mapping makes it possible to report on the desired aggregated level in your accounting system so that gross margins can be easily calculated as well.

Which accounting solutions are supported?

The following webpage shows an updated list of all (accounting) systems which Ezora interfaces with.

Can I implement/make changes myself?

Ezora is delivered with a standard set of reports and dashboards relevant to the systems you use in your business. You will have the ability to make certain changes yourself (e.g. add / remove users, reporting entities, dashboard changes) but the reports and interface are setup for you. If the standard reports are not sufficient there are several implementation partners available to help you get the reports you require.

Do I need my own IT experts in order to setup Ezora?

No. There are several implementation partners that can provide you with all the expertise you need to implement Ezora. Post implementation any basis questions are answered through our integrated help and online helpdesk.

Does Ezora have specialist expertise in the retail sector?

Yes.  From day one we have developed Ezora with the needs of the retail sector in mind. Our staff have extensive retail experience, but most importantly by working together with many of our clients we are constantly adjusting our product so that it continues to add value in the constantly changing retail environment.

How is the support organised?

During the implementation one of our implementation partners will make sure that Ezora is setup to get the most out of your data. Afer implmentation our central supportdesk will answer any questions you may have via the online helpdesk and/or chat. Our aim however is to continue to improve our product so that basic support questions are reduced to minimum, That helps you and us!

How long will it take to implement?

If we already support your specific business systems, it is a matter of days. If however you want to feed in data from a system that is not yet supported, then it may take a bit longer dependent on the type of data and the method through which the data is provided to us.

I only want to give restricted access. Is this possible?

Yes.  By setting up different user roles in the system, users will only see the information, dashboards and reports that are relevant to them.

Is the service secure, scalable and reliable?

In 2015 we moved our entire system infrastructure to Amazon, which we believe provides the best foundation upon which to build an internet service like ours today. The Amazon platform gives us all the tools and controls to provide a secure, reliable and extremely scalable service to our clients. You do not have to take our word for it. To give our client’s the confidence we are regularly have our service tested by external parties to make absolutely sure we have not missed anything. We are only human after all!

Is there a standard version that I can start with?

To make the implemention of Ezora easier and quicker we have developed several templates based on the accounting and business systems that we support. Each template includes a set of reports and dashboards that are most commonly used in combination with those systems.

Are there volume discounts?

Our monthly pricing per reporting entity is based on the number and type of systems that we connect to. But we would not be good business people if we are not willing to engage in some good old ‘haggling’. If you have a good business case for us we are always willing to listen.

How long is the Ezora contract for?

Our Terms and Conditions state a minimum term of one year.

Is there a contract for the use of Ezora?

As is best practice we have also compiled Terms and Conditions and Service Level Agreement (SLA)  and we require each client to sign an order form. These are there to protect both our client’s and ourselves, but to be honest we expect that you will never look at the ‘paperwork’ after starting with Ezora again.

Is there a Service Level Agreement?

Yes.  You can read the full SLA here. If only your car purchase came with the same guarantees.

The million dollar question, what is this going to cost?

The cost using Ezora is dependent on the number of Reporting Entities, the specific data interfaces deployed and whether accounting postings are automated.  We work with our partners to develope propositions for certain client groups / brands with fixed price structures.  Please contact us for a detailed quote for your specific requirements.

What if I change my mind?

Ezora requires a minimum 12 month comittment from our customers.  Once this initial period has expired you can cancel  your service with a month’s notice.

Where is my data stored?

The Ezora service is hosted in Ireland and hence all data is stored within the EU. No data processed on our servers will leave the EU jurisdiction.

Who else uses Ezora?

We are very proud to have more than 1000 customers using our service. If you want to learn more about them checkout the customer success pages on our website.

Are there manuals?

We are in the process of integrating instructions in the relevant (configuration) functions. A knowledge base is available for super users.

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