Rsult to be Ezora’s official implementation partner in the Netherlands

Waalre/Dublin – Dutch IT specialists Rsult based in Waalre and Irish software company Ezora announced recently that they will be official partners. IT newcomer Rsult, as yet primarily focused on accountancy firms and small and medium-sized businesses, will be Ezora’s official software sales and implementation partner in the Netherlands and its second important implementation partner after Deloitte’s Ctrl B.V.


Martin Langedijk (Ezora): “We have made the strategic choice to expand our market in the Netherlands rather than set up our own organisation. This meant that we set out to look for multiple reliable implementation partners that were not only great at selling our software but could also implement it flawlessly. The way in which Rsult considers its clients’ IT environment from a chain optimisation perspective is a great asset. Since Rsult has know-how of an extremely wide range of software packages – including all their (im)possibilities – they can provide well-founded advice as to which and where (cloud) software would best fit in the chain all to the client’s maximum benefit. This will make Rsult a ‘one stop shop’ for clients, which is greatly appreciated.


Functional cloud solutions and BI tools

John Schrijvers (Rsult’s general manager): “Our official collaboration with Ezora has not entirely come out of thin air. At my previous workplace (accountancy consultants Witlox Van den Boomen), we occasionally joined forces to successfully support and implement IT projects for clients including ‘Brownies & downieS’ and ‘Lukoil’. Ezora’s cloud solutions are functional and user-friendly. ‘Under the hood’, their software is practically always a perfect fit. Our partnership with Ezora will enable us to not only provide the client with an automated accounting system but also Business Intelligence and analysis tools whereby they will get a firmer grip on their business. Combined with our own supplementary knowledge of IT security, we will be able to completely unburden clients when it comes to their IT.”

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