Product Update Release – 10th January 2018

In this update we have made New Features, Improvements, and Alterations to Ezora
New Features:
  • Integration with Resdiary (also include the link and add Resdiary to partner page).
  • We support accounting automation for Yuki online accounting.
  • SSO Update: Option to force login from third party portal as opposed to standard Ezora login page.
  • Entity selector updates so that it is easier to select multiple entities.
  • Updates for Exact integration.
  • Accounting automation; several changes that will make it easier to add support for new accounting solutions in the future. Also updated the different screens to show journal information more clearly.
  • Analyser Export: run last year month to date for whole month.
  • Quickbooks updates. We added the option to post journals to a class level in Quickbooks.
  • Revel Updates. Several improvements and the addition of two more API calls to retrieve more information from Revel.
  • Operational Import Updates.
    • Fix for European number format and formulas.
    • Update conditional logic to work with formulas and fix for European number format.
    • Excel imports: fix for Excel date formats.
  • Analyser report updates.
    • Option to add an additional description on a KPI level in the analyser report.
  • Analyser report export.
    • Entity Attributes Change: Allow multiple entity attributes to be specified, separated by commas.


  • Financial Statement fixes so that last year figures and percentages are shown correctly in multi-entity mode.
  • Fix for notes report.
  • NMBRS Update.

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