Ezora Pharmacy Business Intelligence

Improve the profitability of your Pharmacy with integrated Dispensary, EPOS and Financial reporting and analytics.

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Ezora is unique in the Irish pharmacy market in providing a complete 360° view of your pharmacy business.

We achieve this by providing insights into your Front of Counter and Dispensary performance, but also by analysing the financial performance of your business as a whole. Ensure your PCRS claims are correctly settled. Manage sales by category, optimise front of counter margins, generics substitution, phased dispensing fees, expense ratios, labour costs, profitability and much more.


Get insights on items by scheme, or generics substitution, Hi-Tech fees, GPs and Patients. Use Pharmacy benchmarks to compare against peers.

Point of Sale

View sales and margins by category and department, supplier metrics, promotions and more.


Ezora connects to your financial systems to analyse data from Profit and Loss, Purchase Invoices and Payroll.

Ezora Pharmacy Insights

View sales, gross margins, scheme performance, fees, expense ratios, labour costs, profitability and much more.

Running a large network of pharmacies would not be possible without Ezora. The group reporting functions give me instant access to the information I need, telling me what is and isn’t working across the network. What has impressed me most about Ezora is the willingness of their development team to expand the offering, building new reports and functionality as the pharmacy market changes.

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Jerry Crowley

Optimise Your Dispensary Activities

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Reconcile your PCRS Refund to your Claims to ensure full reimbursement. Understand dispensary activities by scheme and manage generic substitution rates, monitor your claims, analyse GPs, patients, and optimise your phased dispensing. Ezora dispensary benchmarks allow you to compare your business against peers.

Fine-Tune Your Sales Operations

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Understand sales and margins by department, category and product with our in-built Sales Analytics solution. Track the effectiveness of sales promotions. Manage stock levels, analyse supplier margins and monitor footfall, average spend, and staff performance.

Manage Your Financial Performance

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View monthly P&L reports with a click. Keep on top of your profitability and employee costs/sales ratios. Automatically produce any debt covenants, track creditors, and compare your key performance indicators to industry benchmarks.

Irish pharmacy benchmarks

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Get pharmacy industry benchmark data from within your Ezora dashboard, and compare your pharmacy to other Irish pharmacies in key areas, including Dispensary, FOC and Financial KPIs.

Our Clients

Ezora's business intelligence solutions are widely used by our pharmacy clients. The benefits of measurable KPI reporting provided in real time have been huge. Ezora has enabled smarter decision making allowing our clients to focus on what really matters in their businesses. The result is a deep and clear understanding of the key drivers of profitability.

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