We help Operators grow efficient and profitable business'

Ezora automatically and securely transfers your daily sales information into your accounting system, and delivers a complete picture of the performance of your business.

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Complete Control Automatically Daily

With less time spent doing bookkeeping and preparing reports, you can now spend more time analyzing business performance and driving the bottom line.

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1. Continuous Accounting

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Automate the accounting for your Sales, Cash Management and Payroll activities. Reduce your bookkeeping costs and increase the timeliness and reliability of your financial information.

2. Combine Your Data

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Easily combine your data from Sales, Finance and HR systems to get one view, total visibility, and complete accuracy. No more reconciling your sales reports to your P&L.

3. Business Insight

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Interactive dashboards of your data show you at a glance what's going on. Allowing you to move quickly, take action, and make the changes needed to improve performance.

4. Turn Insight into Action

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Share insights with your team with a click. Collaborate, analyse, diagnose and track actions. Only share the reports each person needs to work smarter and make better decisions.

Why Choose Ezora Business Intelligence and Analytics?

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Continuous Accounting

Move beyond traditional period end accounting and automatically account for daily sales as they happen. By automating complex, repetitive accounting tasks we reduce the effort, cost and risk in accounting for your business. Ezora further reduces the time taken to complete your accounting cycle by automatically producing your month end reporting.

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Actionable Insights

Analyse your business using intuitive dashboards. Easily drill-down through charts for deeper insight and detailed reports, all the way to a customer transaction or a scanned purchase invoice. Compare sales performance over time, or plans by region. Identify trends, uncover threats, and never miss an opportunity.

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More Than BI

Ezora delivers a complete business intelligence solution, not just a set of technology tools. We bring our expertise to your organisation and support your needs as your business changes and adapts.

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Ezora has helped the first ever franchisee of Starbucks to build a business with more than 30 Starbucks stores.


Business Intelligence & Analytics Clients

Focus On Profit

We can get on with improving profit, not looking for numbers

Responsive image Marcel Blauwendraat
Owner of 8 McDonald’s restaurants

Growing A Starbucks Franchise

Ezora gives me visibility and control over my stores’ performance and allows me to focus on growing the business. Ezora are a rare company that consistently travel the extra mile to help drive improvements in our business

Responsive image Anil Patil
Founder & Managing Director of 23.5 Degrees - Starbucks's first franchisee globally
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